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Get Auto Repairs in Vernon and More

To make sure your vehicle gives you the safety you need while you’re out and about on the road, Dunbar Automotive offers auto repairs in Vernon and specializes in front end repairs.

We also work with high-quality brands like TreadPro Tire Centre and offer the following products and services:

  • 4 x 4 repairs

  • A commercial vehicle inspection program (CVIP)

  • A designated inspection facility

  • A designated out-of-province inspection facility

  • Automotive batteries

  • BCAA

  • Brake services

  • Car exhaust systems repairs

  • Complete automobile machine shop services

  • Custom PCM programming

  • Custom tuning

  • Diesel and performance upgrades

  • Diesel fuel inspections

  • Diesel repairs for automobiles and trucks

  • Dodge repairs

  • DPF delete kits

  • EFI live distributors

  • EFI live tuning

  • EGR delete kits

  • Engine repairs

  • Extended warranty repairs

  • Flo~Pro Performance Exhaust

  • Ford repairs

  • Four-wheel drive lift kits

  • Four-wheel drive specialists

  • Fuel injection diagnostics

  • Gas and diesel tuning

  • Increased fuel economy

  • Lift kits

  • Light trucks

  • Oil changes

  • Out-of-province inspections

  • Performance engine parts

  • Propane conversion repairs

  • Propane conversions

  • SCT tuning

  • Seasonal tire changes

  • Tire rotations

  • Tire sales and repairs

  • Transmission repairs

  • Truck lights

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Vehicle repairs

For more information about our services and products, please call us.

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